Bathroom Renovations: The Big Questions

Herrle Res. Master Bathroom (After).3

Many people think bathroom renovations are easy compared to building a new one from scratch. After all, all you need to do is to make a few additions and a few alterations here and there and you’re done. The best way to make your bathroom renovation affordable and a perfect match to your style and needs, is in the planning.

Q: Where is the best place to start with bathroom renovations?

The best place to start is with YOU! What do you like and dislike in your bathroom? Is it too small, doesn’t provide the function or flexibility that you need. How is the lighting, the color and the condition? You want to reconfigure your bathroom or just update fixtures and counters? There are many options that a reputable designer/contractor can provide for you. Take time in the planning for the best outcome.

Q: How do you refresh a bathroom to give it a more modern look?

Add or replace sink and shower hardware. A more contemporary look would include oil-rubbed bronze or nickel shower heads. Vessel sinks also look more modern. Replace your toilet with highly efficient ones. One-piece and dual flush toilets are popular these days. Add more style by choosing a square toilet rather than the usual elongated or circular type.

Q: How do you make your bathroom more environment-friendly?

Another reason for changing your toilet system is that newer models use lesser volume of water per flush. Older ones consume as much as 300 gallons-per-flush; however, newer ones only need around 1.3 gallons. Dual flush toilet systems are also more efficient compared to single flush systems. Air-injected technology also helped manufacturers in producing more energy-efficient showerheads. Lesser water is used while still giving the same amount of pressure as older ones.

Q: What are some of the most common bathroom styles available?

How to determine the right style for you?

The best way to determine the right bathroom style for you is to browse the Internet or visit showrooms to get an idea of your ideal bathroom style. Identify the style of fixtures that you like and try to browse online catalogs of bathroom fixtures and accessories. Some of the most common styles are the spa or retreat style, clinical and Tuscan. A spa bath exudes a relaxing environment with soft lighting, soaking tub, stone and wood accents. A retreat bathroom style looks somewhat similar to a spa style and commonly integrates nature to give the bathroom a more relaxing look. A clinical look, on the other hand, has an overall pristine look with the floors, walls and fixtures in white. Other styles are usually associated with places such as Mediterranean, Asian and Tuscan style bathrooms.

It is essential to evaluate your current bathroom set-up first before making any bathroom renovations. Some fixtures can still be reused; Tiles may not need to be entirely replaced. Sometimes, adding a few accent tiles will suffice.

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