An Exceptional Kitchen Remodel for Aging-in-Place Depends on the Right Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Remodel for Aging-in-Place

The island is the center of your kitchen, thus making it an important aspect to pay special attention to when doing a kitchen remodel. For those aging-in-place, the right island design can provide proper accessibility as your family experiences each life stage. When planning your kitchen remodel, be sure to make the most of this important feature.

Create Your Forever Home - Starting with a Kitchen Remodel

To get the longest-lasting benefit from your home remodeling efforts and dollars, be sure to plan with an eye for the future. Simply put, aging in place essentially is forward thinking. Many people in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area have come here to retire and would like to be able to remain in their homes as long as possible. Universal design is the design practice used in making every feature accessible to every person in your home as time progresses. It started with consideration for handicapped access, but designers soon became aware that it benefits people of all different abilities, from children to the elderly.

The Island Is Your Kitchen Centerpiece

Where once the kitchen island was a countertop with a couple of cabinets underneath, it has become a major design element in the modern kitchen. Islands in larger kitchens can contain trash compactors, dishwashers, sinks... Even wine fridges! The island provides additional workspace for food preparation and with an extended top at proper height on one side, the addition of seating options make it an accessible place to dine as well.

Because the island is literally in the center of the room, it easily becomes the most noticeable feature, so it can serve as a beautiful and functional addition. When designing a kitchen remodel, it’s helpful to visit a design showroom to see what each style looks like and get a feel for your options.

There’s nothing like touching and feeling the real thing to help you decide on the size you want. You may read a description that sounds great, but when you see it in the shop, you realize the surfaces are much too small for what you want to use the countertop for. On the other hand, you may decide you need something smaller or differently shaped than your original concept. Choosing a general contractor with a design showroom where you can experience the workings of a kitchen(s) is definitely a benefit to planning your kitchen remodel.

Universal Design and Your Kitchen Island

Custom cabinetry in the island can house deep drawers rather than cabinet space that may be difficult to utilize for anyone with mobility limitations. This allows easier access to the back of the space and requires less bending or squatting to make use of it. The overall height of the island should be lower than traditional countertops to make it accessible from a wheelchair, but a two height design is a useful option to discussion with your general contractor. Instead of having the entire island at one height, you can have a low section that is easy to work on, while the rest is at a standard level fitting the needs of all members in your household.

If Universal Design and aging-in-place is important to you, then we recommend that you contact TWD. Serving the Scottsdale area, our design showroom features some of the latest designs trends in home remodeling, and will give you a hands-on experience with kitchen remodel features that will support aging in place in your own home. Not to mention, we employ universal design certified professionals that are happy to answer any questions and walk you through our design process making sure that you get the most value out of your kitchen remodel. You can find us by visiting our home page. While you are there be sure to request your free on-site consultation with our professional design team.