Phoenix Drywall Repair: How to Do It Yourself & When to Call in the Pros

Phoenix Drywall Repair: How to Do It Yourself & When to Call in the Pros

Chances are that somewhere in your Phoenix home, you have nail or screw pops and settlement cracking in your drywall. Not only are they common, but they are also rather unavoidable. Expansive soil is something shared with many places in the US, including Phoenix, Arizona. This means that the soils expand when wet and shrink when it dries out, causing the soil under your home and your home to move. Nail pops can be caused by this slight movement or even by a nail that has lost its ability to hold, thus creating a larger hole than needed. So do you call a professional drywall repair contractor to help you with these pesky household repairs, or do you typically make the repairs yourself?

Repairing minor nail holes and screw pops in your drywall can be manageable if you are willing to take on the task. Tip: Don't be tempted to push the fastener or anchor further into the wall and just fill the hole, as this will only be a short-term fix. Below are the steps needed to correctly make these minor drywall repairs and get your home back in tip top shape.

  1. Remove the existing nail and install a screw. Drive the new screw into the hole until it is flush without breaking through the drywall paper. This will reattach the drywall.
  2. Next, you will want to fill the damaged area with lightweight spackle. You can purchase spackle compound at your local hardware store, which comes in various brands. You will want to use a lightweight one, so it will not sag, and they typically are very quick to dry. Application is easy with a flexible putty knife, ensuring the hole or damaged area is filled and smooth. It is recommended that 2-3 coats be applied only after the prior coat is completely dry to eliminate larger clumps that may not dry effectively and cause crumbling.
  3. Once the area is filled and dried, you will want to take a fine sanding paper such as 200-grit paper to lightly sand the patched area providing a blending effect to the existing wall. Brush off any existing dust from the sanding leaving a clean surface.
  4. Now you are ready to prime and paint! Make sure you have extra matching wall paint left from your previous project to make these minor touch-ups.

Drywall Crack Phoenix AZWe recommend calling a drywall repair contractor in Phoenix for larger or more complex damage beyond minor nail holes. Experienced crews can effectively and efficiently repair any type of drywall damage. On larger repair areas it takes a skilled hand to match the specific wall texture you may have in your home for a seamless finish. With various drywall finishes, such as skip trowel, knock down, orange peel, splatter, and others, each requiring its own special touch and material coverage, it can quickly become a skillful repair. The last thing that you want is to spend time repairing, only to be able to see the repair after the work is painted and complete.

The Truth About Phoenix Drywall Repair

Starting as a drywall repair contractor in 1996, the TWD team has seen its fair share of repair projects and frequently gets calls from people who have hired a repair contractor who did a poor job or possibly didn't even finish the job.

Proper drywall finishing is the part of Phoenix drywall repair which takes the most skill, and it's the part that will help ensure you have a beautiful result that you'll love. A good Phoenix drywall repair job will be practically invisible, meaning no one can tell there was ever damage to your wall. A great job will not only be invisible, it will also enhance the room.

That's what we strive for here at TWD – to hang and finish your drywall so that you can't tell there was ever a problem with your walls or ceilings. We do this by taking great care with our workmanship, which includes these steps:

  • Finding exactly what is needed and what the project's goal is. We'll ensure we understand exactly what you want before starting any remodeling project or even just a drywall repair project.
  • Taking care to protect your belongings. Drywall work can be dusty, so our priority is to ensure we protect your belongings. We'll treat your home as our own. This could include using plastic film, paper, and cardboard to contain the dust, create a protected pathway and eliminate any possible damage.
  • Carefully cutting and hanging the drywall to create a seamless look. We use two-person teams to ensure heavy drywall gets cut and hung correctly and seamlessly.
  • Attractive Drywall Finish - Phoenix AZSinking the nails and taping to create a smooth surface. This is where we take care to create a smooth surface ready for finishing and painting.
  • Applying an attractive finish. Whether you just want a smooth surface or add some design flair with a textured surface, leave it to our skilled drywall finishers to create exactly the look you want.

The point is we offer full-service drywall repair, replacement, remodeling, and finishing at TWD. As a leading contractor in the valley, we are licensed for both residential and commercial work, and our Phoenix drywall technicians are skilled in all texture applications. Before starting your next Phoenix home repair project, visit us online at: for helpful information on drywall repair, when to call a professional, and our gallery of recently completed project photos.

Focusing on drywall projects, let's expand further …

Phoenix Drywall Repair

Phoenix Drywall RepairIt's not uncommon for drywall to get damaged in your home, especially in vulnerable areas like behind a door or near joints. Accidental damage can be caused by any number of things, such as pets, children playing ball in the house, or something as simple as moving furniture can ding walls.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage can also create a problem requiring drywall repair in your Phoenix home or business, as drywall can absorb moisture and create widespread problems. That's why you'll want to address this problem quickly. The experienced technicians at TWD will not only repair the drywall but also any affected baseboard or trim molding as well.

Drywall Texture Removal or Addition

Certain textures, like the decades-old trend of acoustical texture or more commonly known as popcorn ceilings, can make your home look outdated. Removing this drywall texture from your space, essentially modernizes the look of your home. It's noteworthy to mention that popcorn ceiling removal can be a tedious and dirty job to tackle, but our team takes pride in protecting your belongings and containing dust as we work.

Modern drywall finishes can greatly enhance the beauty of your home. TWD has skilled tradesmen who can apply any popular drywall finishes to your walls or ceilings, including skip trowel, knockdown, orange peel, and many more. Just ask TWD to see photos of these popular drywall finishes so you can pick the one that's right for you.

Major Remodeling

TWD has been doing home remodeling in Phoenix since 1996. Thus, we have extensive experience working with all sorts of materials, including drywall. Whether you're looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or mud room, living area, garage, or even an outdoor space such as a patio, TWD has the skills and experience to deliver great results.

Best of all, TWD has an on-staff design team to help you gather ideas and create a design you'll love for years. When you trust your project to TWD, a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your remodeling job to be your main point of contact, be on-site and ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

When it comes to drywall, there is no better team than the one at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc. From drywall repair work and matching textures to major remodeling, TWD can do it all at a fair price. Learn more about our drywall and other services by visiting our website at While you're there, request your free in-home estimate today.