It’s All About The Fine Details When It Comes to a Kitchen Remodel in Phoenix

kitchen remodel

Today’s kitchen remodel isn't a simple task where you replace the cabinets, update the flooring, get new counter tops and then call it a day. Remodelers and designers know that a successful remodel is all about paying attention to the fine details. Take a look at the following details that can make or break a kitchen remodel in Phoenix…


Many homeowners make the mistake of installing too little lighting in their kitchens. Ideally, your plans for kitchen remodeling should include updating the following three types of lighting:

  • Flood lighting. This is your general lighting, such as the large light fixture in the middle of the room.
  • Task lighting. These are the specific lights you install in areas where you’ll be working. For example, you can install under-the-cabinet lighting to illuminate the food prep and cooking work. Another example: install a light right over the sink so you can see when you’re washing food or doing the dishes.
  • Accent lighting. This is lighting that adds to the decor, such as lighting that showcases antique dishes within a glass cabinet.


Many homeowners complain that they don’t have enough storage, which is why you’ll want to make this a top priority when you’re doing kitchen remodeling in Phoenix. Your storage spaces might include custom kitchen cabinets, utility closets, a food pantry, a place to recharge and store gadgets, and even a place to store your pet’s food and accessories.


Many homeowners are looking to add to the traditional line-up of appliances. Those with space are adding a second dishwasher, which is a real benefit for big families or those who entertain often. Other appliance trends include dual ovens, dual coffee makers, warming drawers, wine coolers and more.

Practicality Matters

Finally, many homeowners are seeking out materials that are durable and low-maintenance. These materials are then installed on counter tops, backslashes, flooring and more. While the materials are beautiful, the materials stand the test of time in high-traffic kitchens, which is a real benefit to those with families.


If you want a successful kitchen remodel in Phoenix that you’ll be proud of for years to come, then be sure you start by selecting an experienced contractor and designer with an eye for detail. The good news is you don’t need to look far – just turn to the experts at TWD, who've been remodeling your neighbors’ homes since 1996. Get in touch today and learn more about how we can help you achieve your kitchen remodel dreams!