7 Must-Haves to Make Your Kitchen Remodel Amazing


Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel to make your home more enjoyable for yourself and your family, or you are looking to sell in the near future, these seven “must-have” items will take your kitchen to a new level of efficiency and comfort. We love this collection because they are very affordable, but will add great value.

Sinks to Meet Your Needs

Homeowners love double-bowl kitchen sinks, and if your kitchen has a single basin, have your remodeling contractor upgrade you to a double sink. It makes washing dishes much easier, as well as allowing for soaking dishes while prepping vegetables or carrying out other concurrent tasks.

Another addition you will not regret is a prep sink. If you have (or can add) an island, you will definitely want to include a prep sink. It allows for two people to easily work in the kitchen at the same time, and is extremely convenient if the dishwasher is also in the island.

Back Up Your Oven with a Warming Drawer

Usually built in adjacent to a wall oven, a warming drawer is the size of a deep cabinet drawer. They heat more quickly than a full-sized oven and keep prepared foods out of the way and warm until you are ready to serve them. If you love to serve traditional family holiday meals, you will especially appreciate being able to have all your side dishes warm and still serve hot rolls right out of the oven.

Add a Recycling and Waste Collection Center

Every kitchen has to have a trash can, but nobody wants one sitting out. A sliding cabinet with a removable bin is the perfect solution. Likewise, we all want to do our part for the environment, but don’t want a bunch of bottles and cans piling up, so a 2-bin system answers both needs in one elegant addition. They fit nicely into an island or lower cabinet space.

Neaten Counter Tops With an Appliance Garage

Coffee maker, toaster, blender, mixer … what else sits on your counter top? Everyday small appliances quickly take over counter space that is needed for other things. An “appliance garage” is simply a place to keep them where they are out of the way, but ready for use. We recommend a cupboard with a sliding base and doors that can be swing back completely out of the way, but a shelf in a walk-in pantry can also be an easy location.

Make Appliance Access Easy With a Hidden Outlet Strip

All those small appliances need power, and you don’t want to cover your walls with outlets – especially if you are installing decorative tile, which is a popular kitchen option. Tucking away outlet strips gives you more places to plug things in without cluttering up your wall space.

Brighten Work Areas With Undercabinet Lighting

Placing lights under cabinets gives you direct light for work areas, which are often otherwise in shadow. These lights also add to the overall brightness of the room, which you may need at night or on dark days.

Install a Beverage Station to Control Traffic

Whether it’s coffee in the morning or wine before dinner, having a beverage station allows for more gracious hosting. You can be busy in the kitchen and your co-host or guests can access drinks without interrupting or feeling like they are in the way.

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