What Type of Contractor Do YOU Need

What Contractor should you choose?

You know that you need to find an experienced contractor for your home remodeling project in Phoenix, but which type is right for you? Did you know there are a few different types of contractors out there? Depending on the size and complexity of your project will determine which is right for you.

  • Specialty Contractor – This type of contractor, also known as a Subcontractor is very specialized in their knowledge and scope of work they offer. An example would be a contractor that does cabinetry. Their focus is on cabinetry alone, so this would not be a contractor that you would choose expecting that they could effectively perform or manage an entire kitchen remodel from start to finish. Same holds true for electricians, plumbers and flooring contractors for insteance.
  • Architect – This type of contractor designs projects such as full homes, garage and room additions or other major renovation project. Typically an architect is used for projects involving structural changes and where construction blue prints are needed for building and required city building permits. They are proficient in building codes and structural details to ensure that your project is designed properly and safely.
  • General Contractor – This type of contractor manages all aspects of a home remodeling project from start to finish. They likely will be the ones responsible for required city approvals and obtaining building permits. Many general contractors are management firms meaning they will hire out all of the needed subcontractors to perform each specific scope of the project, will coordinate with them the building schedule and supervise their workmanship on the job. Scheduling third party and/or city inspections along the progress of the remodel will be part of their responsibility as well. Rarely does a general contractor self perform any of the trade work on a typical home remodeling or renovation project.
  • Design/Build Contractor – Of the four contractors that we are explaining, this is the most versatile of the bunch. This contractor is also referred to as being full service because they have the ability to provide all of the services that a Specialty Contractor, Architect and General Contractor do. Your Design/Builder Contractor possess the skilled labor force to self perform specific specialty tasks, such as drywall, paint and stucco, while utilizing relationships with others to Subcontract other tasks to such as electric and plumbing. Together all scopes of work are covered between the Design/Build Contractor’s own employees and Subcontractors. He will also have a designer(s) on staff to properly design the home remodeling project with the customers’ needs in mind and be able to manage the project in its entirety allowing the homeowner one point of contact for the duration of the job.

The key to a successful home remodeling project is selecting the right contractor for the needs of your project. No matter which is your perfect fit, always check for qualifications before hiring any contractor to work in your home. Proper contractor’s license(s) and sufficient insurance coverage are a must for any contractor in Phoenix or other Arizona municipalities.

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