Phoenix Interior Design Tips

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If you've been looking for interior designers, tips or ideas, then you've come to the right place. Not only is Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. a premier Design and Build company, but we also provide a lot of information on this website to help you with all your Scottsdale, Mesa and greater Phoenix interior design needs.
So let me share with you a few Phoenix interior design tips to help you renovate your home…


Choose Timeless Scottsdale Interior Design
There are a lot of trendy themes you could choose when selecting your interior design. However, if you choose something trendy, then you need to be prepared to update it again within a couple years. That’s why many homeowners choose timeless Phoenix interior design.
If you have your heart set on a trendy design, then think of ways to incorporate it in smaller, less-expensive ways. For example, lamps, pillows and curtains are easier to swap out than permanent fixtures or major renovations like new flooring. Thus you may choose timeless flooring and trendy accessories when planning your interior design.


Plan Your Interior Design
Before you start laying out plans with your designer, stop and think about how each of the rooms are used.  Ask yourself questions such as:
  •  How much traffic travels through each of these rooms?
  •  How often are the rooms used?
  •  How are the rooms used?
  •  What kind of maintenance and care will the rooms get?
  •  How long will you keep this design before renovating again?
  •  What is your budget for this interior design?


Be honest. For example, if you like the looks of a certain type of flooring, yet the flooring is high-maintenance and you don’t have the time to do what it’s required to care for it, then talk to your designer about a suitable alternative.


Choose a Focal Point for Your Phoenix Interior Design
Pretty much every room in your house should have a focal point. This might be a window, a fireplace, a tub, an island, a door or something else. When you start planning your design, think about your focal point FIRST… then have your interior designer help you design the rest of the room around this focal point.


Whether you’re renovating a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, dining room or living room, let the experts here at TWD help you with all your Phoenix interior design needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or to get a free estimate.