5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a General Contractor

5 Questions to Ask before Hiring a General Contractor

You know that you need a General Contractor to complete your home remodel project, but how do you find the right one for you? You can start by researching various referral networks online such as Angie’s List, utilize Google or Yelp for local reviews, or better yet ask your friends and neighbors who they have used in the past for their remodeling needs. Surely you will get a lot of options recommended to you, but one name in particular you are likely to run across at every step is Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc., also known as TWD. They’ve been around since 1996 and have built a solid reputation for being a leader in the home remodeling industry. That’s not to say that you still shouldn’t do your due diligence though. When it comes down to choosing the right contractor for you, here are 5 questions that you can ask to save you time before making a decision.

1. Do you work in my neighborhood? – TWD services the entire Phoenix area, but not all contractors service such a broad expanse. Asking up front makes sure you don’t invest in an interview and then find out you are talking to someone who wouldn’t want the job if you offered it to them.

2. Do you regularly do this kind of work? – General contractors may list bathroom remodels as one of their skills, but if you need something out of that scope of work, such as taking out a wall or adding a window, they may not have the skills or licensing to perform the extra task. Additionally, the contractor may be restricted by insurance, so let them know specific details, like the location and style of building you are in, along with the tasks you need completed, so they can answer appropriately.

3. Are you available when I want to do the job? – It takes time to obtain city building permits (if necessary), get contracts signed and materials ordered, so it is unrealistic to expect the job to start the next day. If you are doing a bathroom remodel that absolutely must be done before your mother comes to town for the holidays, make sure that the contractor understands the job must be completed by your set date. If they can not commit to your completion date they may not be the contractor for you.

4. Do you handle design and permitting or will I need to hire an architect? – Both of these tasks require valuable time and experience. At TWD, they have nationally certified professional designers on staff making the entire process easier for their clients. With contractors that do not include these in their contracts, this leaves you having to then hire yet another company to correspond with.

5. Do you charge on a time and materials or per project basis? – Some general contractors will give you a lump sum price up front that is tailored to your specific project, like TWD. Others will charge by the hour at a set rate then tacking on the cost of materials leaving you in the dark as to what the final invoice will amount to. Be sure to ask about affordable payment plans available as well.

These general questions will help guide you in your search for a general contractor that fits your needs and your project. Don’t have the time to spend asking questions? Then click over to TWD’s website now at www.twdaz.com where you will see a complete list of the services they offer, an extensive portfolio of projects they have completed for homeowners in your neighborhood, and check out their Design Showroom page for more information on what you can expect when visiting their gorgeous TWD Showroom conveniently located in Peoria, Arizona.