7 Practical & Stylish Media Wall Design Trends


A media wall is meant to provide you with customized options for your space. In a minimalistic configuration, a media wall can be specified to fit perfectly on any wall of your home and become the central hub for your electronics, audio, and video gaming equipment. They are customized to each homeowner’s style and practicality. An expertly designed custom feature wall can also be so carefully planned out and expertly designed that it immediately catches your attention when you walk into the room. From minimal to extravagant, your new wall should be designed to fit your unique needs.

Media walls in Phoenix have become an increasingly popular renovation, especially in modern homes. These walls are multifunctional and make a positive impact on the entertainment space of the house. They can be elegant, sleek, and practical for more storage space, room for electronic needs, and hide away cords and wiring. They transform how we interact in our living areas, watch television, and play games with family. Another reason for the increase in popularity is the significant advances in technology. Phoenix homeowners who are remodeling want to incorporate the largest and slimmest TV screen, the best quality sound system, or the newest smart device on the market. A media wall allows a homeowner to have all these features while having a clutter-free appearance!

Now that we've got you thinking about remodeling your home let's explore the top design trends this year …

Practical & Stylish Design Trends For Planning Your Custom Media Wall

  1. Built-In Cabinetry

    Incorporating built-in cabinetry is an excellent feature to Media wall in Phoenix with built-In cabinetryconsider during the design process of your media wall. Cabinetry can be both aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical. The cabinets are designed to fit your storage needs and allotted space. When considering cabinetry in your media wall design, it is crucial to consider how you envision displaying your television and media equipment and if you want to add other features like a fireplace when planning the layout. Will your television be mounted on the wall or the cabinetry? Would you like remote control access to devices stored within the cabinetry? Are there any airflow requirements for your AV equipment that must be carefully specified in your cabinet sizing? Remember to include electrical outlets within the cabinetry to power all your devices. A custom entertainment center that includes cabinetry creates a space that accommodates your needs and complements your home décor.

  2. Mixing In Open Shelving With Your Enclosed Cabinets

    While enclosed, cabinetry can be quite helpful in concealing equipment, wires, and other unsightly items that don't need to be in sight; open shelving is beneficial and another popular design trend. Floating shelves on your media wall can display your favorite books, family photos, greenery, artwork, and more. Utilizing a mix of open and enclosed
    Media wall in Phoenix with open shelving and enclosed cabinetsoptions will add depth to the space and provide optimal storage for all your things. Custom media walls bring everyone together for family time and help protect your electronics. Open floating shelves can ensure that your equipment is strategically placed out of high-traffic areas to minimize accidental damage and can provide the necessary ventilation space to ensure electronic equipment stays cool. Airflow within the design is essential to allow heat to properly escape the device and keep your equipment safe from overheating.

    Open shelving and enclosed cabinetry are significant design elements for your living areas, game room, or home office. Talk to your remodeler designer today about adding more storage options like these throughout your home.

  3. Seating Nooks or Bench Areas

    A custom media wall design can be more than your typical TV and fireplace layout. Incorporating seating into the media wall design is an excellent idea for avid readers or those who need an extra place to lounge. This additional seating option available in living areas where space may be limited can be quite beneficial when entertaining or having the entire family together. Seating nooks or bench areas promote a place of comfort to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, a hot cup of coffee, or even a special place to journal or read. It is essential to think of design elements that provide multiple purposes like this when TV or other electronics are not being used.

  4. Ambient & Task Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most essential elements to consider in any home remodeling project, including a custom media wall. The last thing you want to do is design a beautiful focal wall in your Phoenix home and then not incorporate lighting to show off its true beauty or light up your space. Consider including more than one lighting option as well. Under cabinet or shelf lighting will help illuminate specific areas that you want to draw attention to. Up-lighting will create ambiance in the space and set the mood. Backlighting behind a wall-mounted television adds character. Creating a space with intentional lighting options is important to the overall feel of the space. For families looking to create an at-home movie theatre atmosphere, you'll want to choose options that help avoid distractions and put focus on the television. Ambient lighting is practical for those who enjoy relaxing in the media wall room, as it can be dimmable to accommodate day-to-night settings when you're ready to unwind after a long day at the office.

  5. Accent Element

    A living space with a media wall can serve a variety of needs. modern media wall in Phoenix with accent elementsof functions. Not only does it bring the family together, but it serves as the focal point of the room. There are numerous ways to add that eye-catching accent element to your media wall, from oversized tile to wood slat or stunning slab stone. When you work with a designer, you'll explore varying colors, textures, and materials to create your one-of-a-kind look. While some Phoenix homeowners wanting to remodel lean towards 3-dimensional tile for a boost of modern sleekness, others prefer a veined slab with a luxurious and flawless feel. No matter what your preference is, including an accent element of some sort will elevate your custom media wall design.

  6. Concealing Wires & Cables

    Loads of necessary cords and wires to power all your smart home and AV components can be frustrating to see and manage. One of the most common requests from homeowners doing a custom-built media wall is the need to conceal this abundance of electric wiring. Technology will continue to advance year after year, becoming more accessible to homeowners. Having a dedicated place to store all your devices is now more critical than ever, and having a well-thought-out media wall design that conceals the cords will eliminate any unnecessary clutter.

    Incorporating a wall design that considers the electrical needs of your current equipment and allows the flexibility to add more when needed will help maintain that clean, organized look you love. There are numerous ways to conceal your wires and cables within the design to where you will hardly know they are! They can be placed discreetly within cabinetry, along shelving, behind paneling, run inside the wall directly to the locations needed, and so much more!

  7. Electric LED Fireplace

    A custom media wall in Phoenix is the perfect place to feature a gorgeous electric fireplace. With the warmer temperatures and burning restrictions that occur, an electric fireplace is your ideal option to incorporate into your wall design. It still can add warmth when needed but can set the mood with varying LED color options throughout the year. Media wall in Phoenix with electric LED fireplaceAfter a stressful day at the office, imagine enjoying a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice) by your electric fireplace. Simply set it to a comforting color and turn the heat function off. It's the perfect way to end a summer night. When the temps cool off, you still have the option to turn on the heat as you see fit. With a wood-burning fireplace, you wouldn't have that ability.

    You can create an optimal layout with plenty of space and airflow for your TV and fireplace with the help of a professional designer. Having a cohesive plan and design in place will ensure that your new media wall fits seamlessly into the style of your home as if it were always there.

  8. Integrating Multiple Visual Elements

    Purposefully adding visual elements that complement each other is an important step in any custom media wall design. The selection process doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. However, it is recommended that you work with an expert designer to guide you through the process of finding the best choices that suit your home décor and style. You'll want to ensure that your new custom media wall doesn't stand out as if it doesn't belong in the space. Here are a few key things to consider:

    • Color - Choosing a paint color is a great Media wall in Phoenix with multiple visual elementsWay to highlight your media wall. Your choice of paint colors is limitless; they can be bold or neutral. They are calming or energizing. Particular colors can evoke physiological reactions and convey a specific mood or emotion. Color has a very powerful effect, so choose wisely.
    • Texture - Texture can do several things for your home. It can add depth to your traditional space, add an earthy grounding element, or promote durability and strength. Texture can come into play through a variety of materials. From fabrics used in decorative pillows and throws, baskets made of woven or rope-like material, raw wood mantel statement pieces, and natural stone. These distinct textures can be mixed and coordinated to fit any home style.
    • Pattern - Bold or muted patterns can change any ordinary wall into something beautiful, eye-catching, and creative. Most standard patterns are integrated into a wall tile, stone, or other wall treatment. Many patterned options will grab your interest and bring a little bit of your personality into your space. A few notable options to consider are abstract, geometric, or floral patterns, using hexagon or other shaped tile, basketweave patterns, or even a mosaic. Another popular option is to take your favorite classic subway tile and install it using a herringbone or chevron patterned lay.
    • Metals - Mixing metals in your Phoenix home remodel is an easy way to add depth and interest in your entertaining area and is recommended by many renowned designers. When mixing more than one metal into a space, it is essential to stick to 2 or 3 at most so it remains cohesive and not overpowering. Choose a dominant metal, then bring in 1 or 2 other metals to accent. You'll want to keep a balanced feeling, so the metal options should be distributed around the room. One must remain the most prominent throughout, though. Don't be afraid to mix in matte black to create contrast with your warmer and cooler-toned metals. TWD, based out of Phoenix, Arizona, has a helpful blog that expands on the do's and don'ts of using mixed metals in your home remodel.

    Now that we've piqued your interest in having a custom media wall in your home let's cover a few of the most commonly asked questions ….

Commonly Asked Questions About Media Walls

  • Do I have room for a media wall?

    Yes, any home can have a custom-built media wall as they are tailored to fit your precise living space. Each media wall is constructed and built to fit the available space while being practical and eye-catching.

  • Where can I install a media wall in my home?

    While media walls are most commonly built in the main living area, it doesn't have to stop there! Any underutilized spaces are great candidates for incorporating a media wall. They can be introduced anywhere in your home, such as in your home office, game room, bedroom, or any room that uses electronics. Homeowners in the Phoenix and surrounding area turn to TWD's professional design team to plan and design the most stunning custom media walls that fit perfectly in their homes.

  • What should be included in my media wall?

    With technological advances, it's common to have multiple smart devices and equipment, in addition to your TV, that you'll want to include in your media wall planning. Designing your custom media wall can be as flexible as you need to ensure each piece of equipment has its place. These items include a fireplace, soundbar, woofer, gaming console, cable box, internet, or streaming components. Noting this upfront will allow your remodel designer to create the perfect media wall layout with the necessary electrical capabilities and proper ventilation to house all your electronics!

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