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Garage Too Small? Add a Golf Cart Garage!

Need more garage space? You don’t have to look into moving! Some of the homes around the Valley actually have setbacks large enough to expand. TWD offers garage addition expertise for your project. Plus, not to worry because we will take care of the construction blueprints, city permit and necessary inspections, so that you can concentrate on finding the perfect tool box and hobby for your new space! #garageaddition #golfcartgarage #twdaz

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Room Addition

Need more space for entertaining? TWD can work with you to design the perfect sized room addition. We can take care of construction blueprints, required city permit and any necessary inspections to provide you with a complete job package! This is just one of the many options that we have done with the layout of home in Sun City Grand! A complete room addition with kitchen and plenty of entertainment room, in place of that small existing patio that you never use!

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Pull-Out Broom Cabinet

Everyone knows that the garage is the keeper of all that doesn’t fit in the house, landscaping equipment and tools, automotive, and the list goes on! This pull-out cabinet can keep your tools hidden and free from clutter.

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