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Your Guide for Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops

Your Guide for Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops

Your Guide for Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops

Peoria, Arizona Your Guide for Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops

You’ve decided to do some sprucing up in the kitchen and know that you want new countertops.  While it’s a good start, where do you go next? There are so many popular material choices that can be used in your home, all with their own special personality. Deciding on the right countertop for your kitchen remodel is no easy decision. You will want to start by weighing out your options to see which material is best for you and your family, and that can withstand your busy lifestyle. Here is a guide of some of the most popular options on the market.

Granite …is one of the most durable options you can choose, while still mainGranitetaining its spot at the top of the popularity chart. Every slab is unique and has it’s own character full of colors and veining. Pricing for a slab is fairing competitive, but can creep up with the more exotic slabs or creative installations.

Soapstone … is resistant to stains, chemicals and bacteria, durable, is unaffected by heat and is easy to clean. It is softer than other stone materials, which can lead to edges wearing over time and scratching. This is a very natural choice and is most often used in laboratories, schools and kitchens. Price wise, it tends to be on the higher side of the spectrum.

Engineered Quartz … is available in almost any color shade, is tough and nonporous meaning it resists stains and scratches. It is made from quartz, resin and various pigments.  It is extremely durable like granite. It is noteworthy to mention that this material is not tolerant of heat though. When looking at the cost factor it is more expensive than other materials.

Laminate … is one of the most affordable, though does not prove to be one of the most durable. Laminate is maintenance free, is available is almost any color and/or pattern imaginable. Though being very thin, they can be installed with a variety of finished edges such as beveled, bullnose, ogee or exposed wood. This material choice is not heat resistant over 150 degrees, so precautions should be taken.

Recycled Glass … is a very popular and trendy choice on the market right now, though is one of the more expensive ones as well. Typically these countertops are a mixture of glass and cement making it one of the most durable combinations with life expectancy of upwards of 50+ years! I It is heat and scratch resistant (not cutting knife friendly so don’t go tossing those cutting boards away just yet!), but is porous, which provides ample opportunity for staining. With that being the case, ongoing sealing is needed to maintain the look of this countertop.

Marble … is a timeless look that never goes out of style. This material is extremely popular with those homeowners that love which kitchens. It is a softer stone than granite, does stain and scratch, and does require an annual sealing to keep it up. This material is great for pastry chefs due to it’s naturally cooler temperature. The marbling texture provides a warm soothing feel to your home.  Pricing for these countertops are in the same range as you will see with granite.

Wood or Butcher Block … is a very affordable route to go with pricing falling mid range between that of laminate and granite or marble.  Though, not just any wood will do for your project.  A good type and quality of wood is needed, as is a good sealer for protecting your investment and resisting water.  Reclaimed wood can be used for a unique vintage look.

It is important to choose a countertop for your kitchen that compliments your style and that will hold up to your family’s daily routine. Take the time to discuss your options further with a general contractor to find the one that suits you best.

We recommend always hiring a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor for your home improvement and kitchen remodeling needs. TWD (Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.) is a locally owned and operated full service general contractor located in Peoria Arizona. They have an experienced team that will work with you every step of the way starting with your vision. Make an appointment today to visit their gorgeous full home remodeling showroom for ideas, available material choices and to speak with a member of their design team by calling (623) 544-1211.

Your Guide for Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops
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