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Splurge or Save?

Splurge or Save?

Splurge or Save?

Peoria, Arizona Splurge or Save?

Now that you have decided to remodel, it’s time to talk finances. Setting your budget is a balancing act that you that only you can determine and will need to be comfortable with. At this point, you probably have a list of items that you cannot live without in your remodel project. No matter what those items may be, there are others that you might have to be a little (or a lot) more sparing on to save money in the budget. Consulting with a general contractor on your wish list and budget can help them design a space to fit your needs.

So how do you determine what items to splurge on and which to save on? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Splurge : on quality items that will last or save you money in the long run. An example might be energy efficient windows, water saving technology or even radiant heat flooring that will lower your energy bills. You may also consider upgrading your insulation to a higher R-value as well. These items are considered more of a luxury, however the money that you spend on them now will be made back. These choices will be lasting parts of your home for years to come.
  • Save : on items that can more readily be replaced at a later date. If you are upgrading with radiant heat flooring you may choose to save on your cabinetry. It can be replaced or upgraded at a later date, whereas you would not want to put in custom cabinetry and save on the radiant heat flooring to do down the road. It is all a matter of perspective on how easily the work can be done in the future. Maybe you choose to splurge on upgraded natural countertops, but to spend less than on your sink or microwave knowing you can switch those out the following year if need be or as styles change.
  • Splurge : on architecture. A beautifully and well-designed house is structurally built to last. Meeting with an experienced general contractor and/or architect to help you design your space can help save you in the long run by making sure your remodel is built to city code, with necessary building permits and in a layout that will be both functional and fitting for your home. However, be realistic in your design according to what your budget with allow for you to build.
  • Save : on architecture. Now you are probably wondering how architecture can be both a splurge and a save item. If you spend the money on construction plans only to find out that your budget does not justify proceeding as the remodel or the home was designed, then it is not worth the investment.
  • Splurge : on features that will make life easier. If you have kitchen gadgets or cookware that you especially want to store and showcase in a convenient manner to help with your baking, we suggest splurging on custom features such as cabinetry to fit your needs. If you remodel your kitchen and are not happy with how your accessories fit in the new space, you will be disappointed in the money that you spent upgrading, even if the cabinetry is as beautiful as you imagined.
  • Save : on remnant materials such as granite or stone. Instead of purchasing an entire slab for your project, ask about any remnant pieces that may match. Also keep in mind that your countertops do not necessarily need to be the same. A relatively new trend is having your kitchen island made out of a slightly different color of cabinetry and countertop that compliment the main counter space in the kitchen, adding a designer look to your space.

The bottom line is to know your budget! From there you can make your wish list and set priorities. Every project will be different, priorities will fluctuate and each person’s budget will vary. The outcome, however, will make your house into a home you love.

An experienced general contractor will work with you through the entire process, The team at TWD has been serving customers just like you since 1996. They have all of the pieces, including skilled crews, the very best material options, a designer remodel showroom for you to utilize, and a quality product. Visit their website at www.twdaz.com to see what they have to offer and experience the TWD Difference.

Splurge or Save?
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