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4 Mistakes People Make When Doing Drywall

4 Mistakes People Make When Doing Drywall

4 Mistakes People Make When Doing Drywall

Peoria, Arizona 4 Mistakes People Make When Doing Drywall

If you need to do some drywall repair in Phoenix, you’re probably considering doing it yourself, especially if it’s just a patch job or that doesn’t seem to require a lot of time. After all, it seems pretty simple – hang, tape, mud and sand. What could possibly go wrong?

Here are four common mistakes…

Mistake #1: Hanging drywall alone.

If you’re drywall repair job is just a small patch job, then obviously you can do it by yourself. However, if you’re hanging full sheets of drywall, then it’s better to do it in two-person teams. Drywall is relatively heavy, so holding it straight and nailing it yourself will just lead to crooked drywall, or even hanging drywall too close together. Plus, the job will go more quickly and you’ll make fewer mistakes if you have a partner helping you.

Mistake #2: Not using drywall screws.

Many people who don’t have experience hanging drywall use nails instead of screws. This is
particularly dangerous on the ceiling, as the heavy drywall can work its way loose. At best you’ll end up with sagging. At worst, you’ll have a section of drywall come crashing to the floor.

Mistake #3: Over-sanding.

If you under-sand, then you’re left with bumps on your wall. Most homeowners spot this immediately and fix the mistake – but in the process of fixing it, then end up over-sanding. This creates grooves in the wall rather than a smooth, continuous surface. If this happens, you’ll need to reapply mud and start the process over again.

Mistake #4: Not knowing when to call professional Phoenix drywall repair contractor.

Your inexperience with a drywall repair job can lead to wasted time and money, plus a whole lot of frustration. Save yourself from these difficulties by hiring the professional Phoenix drywall team at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc. Whether you have a small patch job or need a major renovation, Todd Whittaker Drywall can do it quickly, seamlessly, and at a fair price. Find out more by going to https://www.twdaz.com/services/drywall-phoenix/

4 Mistakes People Make When Doing Drywall
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