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Home Remodeling Projects For 2015: Home Office

Home Remodeling Projects For 2015: Home Office

Home Remodeling Projects For 2015: Home Office

Peoria, Arizona Home Remodeling Projects For 2015: Home Office

For most, our world revolves around our tech devices and the internet. Employers are becoming more lenient in offering employees the option to work remotely from home or on a flex schedule in order to save on company operating costs and travel. While this allows family time to once again become a top priority, it does in turn beg for a dedicated home office space that is quiet and convenient. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with your general contractor to design your new functional space.


Think about all of the tasks that will be done in your new office. pay bills, reading, computer work, crafts, scrapbooking, etc. Knowing the purpose of your space will help in determining the types of storage that will be needed to properly accommodate your needs and keep you organized.

Surface Space!

Make sure to map out for plenty of surface space for paperwork and bill paying when picking out your desk. Keep in mind if you plan to work off of a laptop that it will be taking up some of your needed surface space as well, so plan accordingly. It may be necessary to look at over-sized desk(s), at having a nearby computer cart that can keep your computer and printer off your surface space or even a pull out tray that can easily give you the extra space just when you need it.


Don’t get caught without adequate electrical outlets to supply all of your devices. Your computer, laptop, printer, smart phone,  electronic reader, iPad, other wireless devices and more will have need constant, if not regular charging capabilities . There are outlets on the market now that combine different charging capabilities so that you can plug your USB cords directly in without a plug. Make a list of your electronic devices before you start discussing with your general contractor.

Filing Cabinet!

If you do not have the free space for a full sized filing cabinet, consider including a half sized one at minimum. You will find it easier to keep organized through the year when you have file folders pre-made up for important documents, product manuals, receipts and statements. You will be glad you did when it comes to tax season!


Including décor for your home office in your overall plan is just as important. The colors and design that you use will lend to your inspiration and creativity that you may need when hard at work. You don’t want to stare at plain boring walls when trying to come up with your next life-changing idea, cost saving solution or working on a project that will lead to your big promotion at work. Having vibrant patterns and cool colors will help keep you open minded and inspired. Don’t forget to add a white board, chalk board or cork board to your list to keep your reminders and goals within sight.

From a place to pay bills, go through and sort mail,  house books and important documents,  a committed homework area for your children, or simply to be an office away from the office for work at home parents, having a dedicated homeHome Remodeling Projects For 2015: Home Officeoffice space plays a variety of roles in your home. If remodeling a room or an unused nook into an office is on your to-do list this year then you should make TWD the first stop you make! Visit them online at www.twdaz.com and make your appointment for a free consultation n their full home remodeling showroom in Peoria AZ. As a distributor for Cabinet Creek Cabinet Company and having an on-staff design team, they are sure to design the perfect home office for you and your budget. Since 1996 they have built an extensive portfolio helping other valley homeowners just like you achieve the remodeled home of their dreams. Contact them today!

Home Remodeling Projects For 2015: Home Office
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