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The Surprising Way to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

The Surprising Way to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

The Surprising Way to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

Peoria, Arizona The Surprising Way to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

When people start thinking about doing home remodeling in Phoenix, they often make plans for expanding parts of the room. Often times this decision is directly related to a lack of storage space.

However, sometimes adding more space isn’t the answer. Rather, homeowners need to look at how to use their existing space more efficiently. That’s where adding a custom closet in Phoenix comes in, as getting organized can eliminate the need for more space.

Design Ideas1Think about your existing storage spaces, from your kitchen pantry to your master bedroom closets or hall closets. Chances are, these are all fairly standard closets which suit their purposes, but don’t keep you particularly organized because they weren’t designed for your specific needs.

Now imagine if you had a custom closet that was built to house your possessions and suit your lifestyle.  If there was a special place for all your possessions, you’d spend less time looking for them, and you wouldn’t need as much overall space to accommodate your belongings. Here are some common examples:

  • A custom bedroom closet for a professional couple might include a belt rack, a tie rack and a shoe rack.
  • A custom closet for a child’s bedroom might include racks and shelving that are fully adjustable so that they’re always at the right height for a growing child.
  • A custom mudroom closet can be built to accommodate the items most commonly found in your mudroom. If you tend to see a lot of shoes kicked off in the doorway, then your custom mudroom closet may be built with plenty of “cubbies” or shelving made specifically for shoes.
  • A custom closet in your garage can house your tools, paint cans, sprays, gardening supplies, sporting equipment and anything else you store in your garage.

Point is, a standard “one size fits all needs” closet rarely fits your needs. That’s why you’ll want to build a custom closet with the help of the specialists at Todd Whittaker Drywall, Inc. Whether you need help designing the perfect closet for your needs, or you’re ready for someone to come in and build the closet, the experienced team at TWD is eager to help.

Let TWD help you get organized and simplify your life at work or at home by building you a custom closet in Phoenix. To learn more about how TWD can build custom closets in every room of your house, get in touch today by clicking here: https://www.twdaz.com/contact/.

The Surprising Way to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger
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