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Home Remodeling Projects: Custom Closet

Home Remodeling Projects: Custom Closet

Home Remodeling Projects: Custom Closet

Peoria, Arizona Home Remodeling Projects: Custom Closet

Is your closet like the Bermuda Triangle? Once something enters it’s never seen again. Every year you probably make a resolution to get more organized.  Your closet is the perfect space to focus on for your remodel project. As one of the most-used spaces in your home your closet needs to provide style and charisma to your day without added stress. Here are twelve things that you should have in your closet remodel this year.

Shoe System Add a system that works for your style of footwear to keep like shoes paired and stored neatly within sight.

A Place for Jewelry & Treasured Items Add a small jewelry box, insert, bin or necklace hooks to keep your jewelry within the same space as your clothing and shoes to make your morning routine more efficient.

Good Lighting Add a good lighting source to your closet so that your wardrobe is visible. Having to decipher between your black and navy dress pants and tops in poor lighting is a waste of your valuable time.

Mirror Add a full length mirror to your custom closet or nearby.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere Add a soft fluffy throw rug to your closet floor to create thatHome Remodeling Projects For 2015: Custom Closetcozy luxury feeling. A decorative rug can add a touch of color, a flair of your personality and added warmth to your space.

Designated Clothing Areas Add areas that are designed to fit your wardrobe. Socks and delicates require different space than trousers and jackets. Don’t forget the drawer for your workout clothes!

Color Add a splash of energetic color to match your personality. Your space should reflect the true you and speaks your language.

Hooks Add valet or decorative hooks to hold on to your outfit for the next, make unpacking dry cleaning easier or to keep your soft bath robe within reach.

A Safe Add a small safe tucked out of the way. By now you have important documents, certificates, firearms, fine jewelry or family heirlooms that need safe keeping from theft or fire.

Relaxing Scent Add a diffuser, sachet or potpourri in a tantalizing scent to remind you of a day at the spa or your favorite boutique.

Hangers Add plenty of matching hangers for all of your clothing needs.

Comfortable Seating Add a comfy chair or ottoman for available seating in your custom closet. When it’s time to put your socks or panty hose and shoes on you’ll be glad you did.

If a custom closet or remodel is on your to-do list then your next step will be to find a reputable general contractor that can help you design the perfect layout to maximize your space while better fitting your specific needs. Todd Whittaker Drywall, also known as TWD is a leader in the home remodeling industry within the Arizona market that specializes in custom closets and cabinetry. Their on-staff design team will meet with you to get to know your personality, needs and wants for your new space. You can see a full list of services they offer by visiting them online at www.twdaz.com. Request your free consultation today. You’ll be glad you did!

Home Remodeling Projects: Custom Closet
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