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3 Ways to Make-Over Your Master Closet

3 Ways to Make-Over Your Master Closet

3 Ways to Make-Over Your Master Closet

Peoria, Arizona 3 Ways to Make-Over Your Master Closet

For many homeowners the Master Bedroom closet is not something to brag about. It probably has very standardized storage options such as a shelf or two, a rod for hanging your clothes and if you are lucky a shelving system that was made for people that obviously do not wear various height shoes or bulky accessories. There is no reason that your closet should not be functional and customized to fit your needs perfectly. You may be one of the few people that will actually see it, however consider how much time you spend in your closet searching for that blue tie that brings out your eyes, the cute shirt that you know you bought last week or the perfect shoes to match your outfit. Here are a few updates that you should make to your brag-worthy closet:

Add Personalization

Add Personalization!

If you are not the average height then chances are your closet rod would be better suited to you and your attire at varying non-standard heights. Possibly lower within better reach if you are on the shorter side, higher up if you tend to wear a lot of formal wear or consider both to maximize your space. Having the typical one rod system leaves wasted space along the floor beneath hanging clothes while you have probably stacked piles of clothes up above that you cannot reach. By adding low shelving or cubbies you can effectively take advantage of the storage space that you’ve had all along. Your closet should cater to your specific needs and personality. If you love to accessorize then you may consider adding pull-out trays to hold jewelry or cufflinks. Hooks and cubbies are wonderful additions for keeping ties, belts, scarves and purses within view while out of the way. Plus, don’t forget that when redesigning your Master Closet to make sure the shoe ranks are adjustable for your ever changing styles.

Add Lighting

Add Lighting!

Having the right lighting in your closet can make a world of a difference. Not only will you be able to see your clothing and accessories more clearly but it will illuminate your entire closet. Lighter shades of natural wood closet systems are good for visibility but can cause shadows. By installing track lighting you can focus on areas where you need it most when preparing for your day and in darker corners.

Add Seating!

If your closet has the available space, spring for adding a comfortable chair, bench or ottoman. The color and pattern of your seating choice is another way to add personalization to your room while providing you with a place to sit when putting on shoes, picking out accessories, and acts as a place to set clothing to be put away. Some ottomans on the market today have built in storage space inside them giving you yet another place to keep your belongings tidy and organized. They make great storage options for stockings, panty hose, or blankets.

Having a well organized and tidy custom closet can make a significant impact on your daily routine. Imagine no longer having to rummage through piles of clothes or stacks of mismatched shoes. Your closet should, and could be, a stress-free zone in your home. If these tips have got you thinking about a custom closet, pantry or mud room in your home then your first call should be to TWD at (623) 544-1211. They are one of the few distributors of cabinetry designed specifically with you in mind within the Phoenix market. Since 1996 they have been in the construction industry making a name for themselves one customer at a time. You can visit them online to get more details on their custom closet services at https://www.twdaz.com/services/custom-closets-and-storage-solutions/.

3 Ways to Make-Over Your Master Closet
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