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Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen When You Have Kids

Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen When You Have Kids

Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen When You Have Kids

Peoria, Arizona Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen When You Have Kids

Families tend to spend a lot of time in and around the kitchen. Not only is that where the goodies are kept, but it’s also where moms and dads can often be found cooking, cleaning and putting away groceries. A dated kitchen isn’t as attractive for hanging out in, but more importantly, old appliances are frustrating to work with and can even be unsafe, so if your family’s kitchen has seen better days, a kitchen remodel may be just what you need.

Let Universal Design Guide Your Kitchen Remodel Plans

Universal design came about from the need to accommodate people with disabilities, but then the lightbulb came on for designers. Why limit design updates to one population, when there may be alterations that serve everyone? The same adjustments that make a kitchen more usable to a person in a wheelchair also benefit short people and children.

Families with young children really notice the difference when their remodeling contractor installs features built to incorporate universal design because there is so much more that children are able to do for themselves. The beauty of that is that it both frees up parents’ time and attention, and supports little ones in developing their confidence and life skills.

Plan How You Will Eat During the Kitchen Remodel

Eating out for the first few meals might be feasible, but beyond that, going to a restaurant for every meal for days, or even weeks, can be extremely expensive. It also takes a lot of time to drive all over Surprise or Phoenix looking for places that satisfy everyone. That’s time that busy families may not have to spare during the week.

You will need to eat out or get takeout food more often than normal while your general contractor is working on the kitchen remodel, so put some additional money in the budget for food during the period the remodeling takes place.

Setting up a mini-kitchen is a great idea. If you have room to put the refrigerator in another room, perhaps the dining room, or even the garage, you will still be able to store cold food. The addition of a hot plate or two and a source of water (even if it’s a big jug) makes for a great start.

Safety Is Always a Priority

During a kitchen remodel, your general contractor will essentially turn that part of your home into a construction zone. Before remodeling begins, discuss the contractor’s safety policies, and then add some of your own to fit your particular situation if necessary. Explain the new rules to your kids so they know how things will change, and understand where they can and can’t be during the remodel.

On the other hand, your general contractor should respect that the work site is your home, so should take care to manage workers and equipment accordingly. If you see inappropriate or unsafe behavior, or messes are being left, don’t hesitate to talk to your contractor.

In our 20 years of remodeling in Surprise and the Greater Phoenix area, TWD’s certified professionals have seen it all. We know what to expect and how to work closely with homeowners to make the remodeling experience as comfortable as possible for homeowners and their families. Call us today to discuss your remodeling concerns, and find out how we can help you.

Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen When You Have Kids
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