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Building Permits: A Must Read for All Homeowners

Building Permits: A Must Read for All Homeowners

Building Permits: A Must Read for All Homeowners

Peoria, Arizona Building Permits: A Must Read for All Homeowners

We have discussed the risks of hiring a cheap contractor, but let’s take it a step further. When “Joe Smith” contractor knocks on your door proclaiming that he can complete that home remodel or covered patio extension you’ve been wishfully dreaming about for 40% less than the reputable general contractors that you typically trust what do you do? First consider the reasoning of his low ball price and what the trade offs could in fact be: is he unlicensed, have inadequate insurance coverage, inexperienced labor, using mediocre materials, lack of guaranteed warranty or customer care month or year from now, or could it be that he has no intentions of abiding by city mandated building codes and permitting for your job? Before you sign anything make sure that this is outlined in the contract … and if he says there’s no need for a contract because he operates on a hand shake then put on your running shoes and dash the other way!

What types of projects require a city building permit?

Always consult with your municipality for their specific rules and guidelines. Generally speaking, a permit is normally required any time that you are adding onto an existing residence. Examples of this would be:

• Room additions
• Detached structures such as garages or casitas
• Garage additions or enclosure
• Covered patio and/or extension

Renovations involving gas lines require a permit for obvious safety precautions. Major electrical and plumbing changes may be mandated as well depending on your area. Speaking with your city about these guidelines will save you both time and money in the long run if your project is not done properly.

Is it YOUR responsibility to obtain a building permit?

YES! Despite what many homeowners think, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that your project has the necessary building permit(s) and city inspections to ensure the job is done up code. Many reputable remodel contractors understand that this process may be somewhat of an “unknown” or stressful process for any homeowner to undertake and in turn will often times include the cost of handling this entirely within their contract. The city will allow you (the homeowner) or a licensed general contractor to obtain a building permit for your home with a fully completed permit application (which you can find on your city or government website) along with construction blueprints of the project. Going through the approval process can be tiresome and above your level of construction expertise, so having an experienced contractor that can handle this for you is most certainly a huge plus. They have the knowledge of the process, working relationship with the architect/engineer to complete any required revisions to the plans, as well as a working relationship with the city officiates when it comes time for required job site inspections along the way.

What are the consequences of not getting a building permit?

With everything in life there are consequences for not following the rules. It is not different with dealing with the city and/or government when it comes to building permits. If you are considering ignoring these rules then think again because your actions today could come back to haunt you. Should the city find out that your project was completed without going through proper channels you can then be fined hitting you right where it hurts, the city can force you to remove the structure completely or require you to open up and/or remove portions of the structure for a city inspector to analyze the workmanship and materials used are in fact up to code. Not only will you be the one incurring the penalty fees and the demolition costs, but the costs associated to repair it afterwards thus costing you far more than the initial cost of obtaining the permit in the first place. You may be wondering how the city would even find out in the first place. It could be by chance, or if they respond to a complaint say from a neighbor about the structure, and definitely when you go to sell your house. Many homeowners do not take that into consideration. When you put your house up for sale it then becomes apparent to the realtor and future buyers that you did not follow city code which guarantees the job was done correctly and that they home is still structurally sound. This in turn will negatively impact your homes appraisal and home inspection that is done prior to a purchase being finalized. Your future buyer can then require you to remove the work to restore the home or perform the necessary steps to get a permit for the completed remodel both costing you money out of pocket.

Don’t get caught in the pitfalls of a cheap contractor OR building without the proper permits in place. You can avoid any worry when you contract your project with TWD. As a leader in the home remodeling industry, their team is highly experienced in taking the stress off your plate making your remodel experience a more enjoyable one. They include everything from the drafting of construction blueprints, obtaining the necessary building permits and scheduling required city inspections at each step of the project in their standard process with every homeowner. You can rest assure that when TWD is on your jobsite that you will be delivered exceptional quality work every time. Visit them online at https://www.twdaz.com to see why so many others entrust their remodel projects with TWD!


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Building Permits: A Must Read for All Homeowners
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